Specialists in Change Management

Inventory Order Management

A large tier one investment banking client sought to maximise internal inventory efficiencies between its agent lending, equity finance and repo businesses. MX was responsible for the analysis, design, build and delivery of a web based inventory and order management system.

To counteract the many different systems and data setups the Inventory Order Manager mapped and managed trades originating in the front end trading systems of each business.  The system enabled GC trades to automatically find the correct rate based on the trades value which removed the requirement to negotiate across desks except in the circumstance where a trade was booked as special. Specials were flagged for negotiation on receipt by the relevant desk and once a rate was agreed continued to be processed on an STP basis.                       

Analysis covered all three businesses, 23 applications and over 200 separate processes from front to back including the impact on swift messaging flows along with material changes to over 8 different systems to resolve known issues.


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